How to get a tech job

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How to get a tech job

I started out my career working in a datacenter.

It was 2011 and at my first 'real job' I was earning $37,000 a year.

I was over the moon happy about this, but at the time I figured this was only a temporary arrangement. I didn't know what I really wanted to do.

Circumstances changed and I took a harder look at advancing my career in technology. I figured out the game at work and obtained a promotion. My salary jumped up to $45,000.

Things were getting interesting.

I saw people jumping ship and decided to try interviewing elsewhere. It worked.

A few stressful conversations and interviews later and I was making $60,000 a year.

I did this in approximately two years.

I didn't have a related degree. Nothing I had learned in school was remotely applicable to what I was doing.

Everything I needed to advance my career was publicly available for free or (low) cost.

I leaned into this career and within another 2 years was earning over $100,000 in salary.

Two years after that I was working at a name-brand company earning over $200,000 a year.

Many people can do this. I definitely felt imposter syndrome.

If you're stuck in your current career, or just making the realization that university didn't provide you with skills that employers actually care about, read on.

You can start a new career in tech

and it doesn't take as long as you would expect

The technical job market remains hot.

Experienced candidates are routinely contacted by recruiters.

Job hopping usually results in higher compensation and career advancement.

The official (read: not accurate) rate of inflation this year was 6.2%.

If you didn't get a 6.2% raise this year, you got a pay cut.

When I change jobs I get a 10-25% raise.

Are you positioned appropriately?

There is a roadmap for getting started

The facts are:

you don't need to have a degree

you don't have to attend a bootcamp

you don't have to spend years learning

However, you do need to be disciplined.

You should also have an interest in working in tech.

Otherwise, you're not gonna make it.

Let me share with you the game plan for starting a tech career. For free.

Just follow the link below.

I'm giving away this guide for now. No strings attached.

If you find the information contained herein useful, let me know.

Make 2023 your best year yet.