Photo by Jackman Chiu / Unsplash

I honestly don't enjoy the weekend too much.

I can get caught up on doing a few little chores here and there, but then I'm filled with a bit of tension thinking about how I should be doing this and that instead in order to get PASSIVE INCOME and finally GET OUT OF THE RAT RACE. When doing the dishes I think about how I need to JUMP ON A QUICK 5 MIN CALL et cetera.

I do find that although I am really resistant to starting work on something, once I start I can sink in quite a lot of time into fiddling or hacking something together. I do derive a lot of satisfaction from finishing things. My app tokimeki pretty much doesn't go anywhere, probably due to a lack of marketing and just being a snack vitamin app, but I still feel happy I shipped at least one thing.

Given the size of my portfolio I can afford to take a bit of time off of work, but it's too stressful looking at the large outlays I send out each month for regular life stuff and kids. My lifestyle isn't particularly flashy, either.

Next week we'll do it all again.